With our full canvas canopy frame package you can’t go wrong.

Here at Total Canvas Hire A Tarp, we take coverage extremely seriously. That’s why we don’t do half measures when it comes to offering first-rate canvas canopies in Perth.

Whether you need a fresh new canvas canopy for your UTE, truck, camper or any other vehicle you might be proud to call your own, we’ll have one custom-made and ready to go in no time at all.

We also make custom frames for UTEs, with our full canvas canopy frame package you can’t go wrong. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you.

What is a Canvas Canopy?

A canopy is an architectural feature that provides weather protection and aesthetic appeal. It is made from a lightweight yet durable structure that has a canvas cover attached.

Our Custom Canvas Canopies

The canvas canopy has proven its effectiveness as a protective cover against the sun and elements in Western Australia for many years. With such a diverse range of uses and applications, we offer an equally wide array of canopies including:

  • Ute canvas canopy, as well as the frame.
  • Gazebo canopy
  • Truck canopies
  • Pop up camper canopy replacements

Benefits of Awnings

  • Energy savings
  • Weather protection
  • Design and aesthetic appeal

Benefits of A Canvas Ute Canopy

  • Aesthetic flair – They add a touch of style to your vehicle’s appearance.
  • Protection – Your ute tray is subjected to trying conditions, and a canopy can help keep it protected.
  • Versatility – Like your ute, canopies are versatile and can be removed with next to no hassle.

Customisable Style

We also provide canopy awnings for caravans, windows and doors in a range of different styles and colours. Our custom canvas canopies come with various features and fixings to suit your individual preferences. Fixings can include rope, bungee cord, or elastic pulldowns, and we’ve got a choice of canvas or PVC for fly-screens, windows, and frames.

If you’re unsure what the best option for you might be, don’t worry. Our dedicated team of specialists is on hand to explain the advantages of each, as well as help choose which might best suit your specific needs. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Total Canvas Hire A Tarp are always delighted to help at every stage of the process, from free quotes and onsite inspections to installation and further advice on how to look after your brand-new canvas canopy.

We’ll happily work on and provide canvas ute canopies for any vehicle in WA, so call us today to discuss your requirements.

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